Where does this piece fit?

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For many people, working out where they fit in and what they are here to do, occupies a major part of their energy.

Spiritual seekers for centuries have recognised that they are spiritual beings living in physical bodies and their lives are about manifesting that spirituality in their bodies to the highest degree possible. Or as The Balancing Work puts it, 'Living the most enlightened life we can'.

Contextualising EMF Balancing in Australia

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Contextualising something is about showing how it fits into the bigger picture. Contextualising EMF Balancing in Australia has been a major element in the development of the Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Technique.

This Certificate IV aims to show where and how EMF Balancing fits into the Health and Wellness Industry in Australia and to provide practitioners with the relevant skills to practice professionally as part of the EMF Balancing industry.

Our heart connection to our pets

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In the latest Heartmath newsletter there is a link to a very interesting report by a veterinarian on the healing connection between people and their pets. Here's the link.

Peggy, too, talks about this energetic connection when she gives us the concept of the Third Lattice which is the energetic connection that forms between us and others, connecting our lattice with theirs. One of her examples is the Third Lattice that people have with their pets and she speculates, Do the people choose the pets, or do the pets choose the people?

Releasing Restrictions


This morning I had a small epiphany that made me laugh. It was such a BFO but it had eluded me for the past year or two. A friend had given me a rather splendidly presented folder titled 'Lavender Greeting Card Organiser'. It was divided into months with pockets for cards and space on which to write the date and the occasion.

This reminded me of Phase II of EMF Balancing which is all about acknowledging and encouraging self-direction and self-support.


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We can experience intense loneliness even - or especially - when we are in a crowd of people when we find ourselves unable to experience a sense of meaningful connection with others of like-mind. Despite the rise of virtual interaction via social media like FaceBook, our increasingly busy lifestyles have created a dearth of nurturing face-to-face connection. Even when we are with others, how often are we interrupted by our phones?

We look around on trains and trams. Nobody nods hello. Every other person is engrossed in their I-phone. Are we all too scared of each other? I know I can be as guilty as the next person, multi-tasking to prune my messages and delete duplicate senders.

Which phase will be most useful to you now?

Image. Walkerville, Victoria,  courtesy Neil Reid

The EMF Balancing Technique® offers twelve different individual energy balancing sessions, called phases, each of which takes both giver and receiver on a unique path of exploration of a specific aspect of their sacred human infinite potential.

The overall aim is to support and encourage each of us to live the most enlightened life we can, whatever that may mean to us. And this will mean different things to different people depending on our culture, experience, ...


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