UCL Workshop

Universal Calibration Lattice discovered by Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Will The UCL Workshop Work For You?

The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) workshop is a productive experiential day of learning how to work more effectively with our personal energy by activating and strengthening a part of our 'energy anatomy', the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), located in the electro magnetic field around the body.

Clarity and Wholeness

A major benefit of strengthening our UCL is increased clarity about who we are and what we are here to do, accompanied by feelings of greater wholeness, peace, joy and confidence in moving on with our life.

New Skills

Participants learn a range of skills in working with their own and others' energy fields. These include:

  1. The Spiral Sweep - a meditation that links multi-dimensional systems to promote coherence and resilience
  2. Energy Symbols - two powerful symbols that you can use to activate energy for others and for the environment
  3. How to do an Introductory Balance - this easily learned mini-balance can be used as a quick pick-me-up with family and friends.

The cost is $150.00 including morning and afternoon snacks and a comprehensive manual. 

Contact Justus now on 0400 156 069 to secure your place.