EMF Radiation and what to do about it

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Because of the EMF in the name of the modality, EMF Balancing Technique®, I am regularly asked if I can help with measuring and/or counteracting the harmful effects of radiation.
I have to tell the enquirers that 'EMF' refers to the fact that this therapy works with a part of our EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) that connects us to Source, otherwise sometimes called our Essential Self or our Infinite Self.


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Give intent, take action, create reality”. Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Those of you who have had an EMF Balancing session will be familiar with these words printed across the foot of your ‘Intent Take Home Sheets’ for Phases I-IV. They encapsulate the EMF Balancing approach to what is traditionally referred to as goal setting.

As many of us do at this time of the year, I was reflecting this morning on what I might choose as a focus for myself in the coming year. While I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions, I do believe that it is valuable every so often to take time out to review what has worked and what hasn’t in one’s life. Then, based on these reflections, pick a couple of things that one would like to do more of. As we all have the same allocation of 24 hours 7 days 52 weeks, doing more of one thing usually means doing less of something else (unless, of course, we do more multi-tasking). So we give ourselves the opportunity do more of what works for us and to let go of what has become stale, out-of-date or irrelevant, no longer of most use in our lives. (Maybe you can relate to this?)

Tending to our inner child

EMF Newsletter 27 Dec 2014

This has been a difficult year for all of us. Who could fail to be affected by the violence brought into each of our lives via the international and domestic news. And none of us has escaped our own personal challenges whether they be unexpected loss of loved ones, health issues, relationship turmoil, economic/employment uncertainty … we each have our stories to tell. And we have each done the best we could with the circumstances we were given.

What is EMF Balancing?

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The EMF Balancing Technique® works in a gentle yet powerful way with the human energy field to encourage and empower people who want to live their 'most enlightened life'.

While there are now many modalities that work with the human energy field, what makes EMF special is the sense of sacred connection often experienced by both giver and receiver. As life continues to become more intense and hectic, many people find this sense of sacred connection between themselves and others to be very empowering.

I have been practising and teaching this modality for over 15 years In Singapore and Australia. Clients and students often remark on feelings of lightness after a session.

Personal Sessions

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Increase your energetic sensitivity and accelerate your evolution as a conscious human being. Each successive balance unfolds an expanded understandings of oneself. The energy is gentle, powerful and nurturing.

Contact Dr Justus Lewis

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Build Emotional and Spiritual Resilience in just Thirteen Sessions - How it Works

Refugees, Resilience and EMF

Image courtesy Rivka. Thank you, Rivka.

In the latest issue of Psychotherapy in Australia ((Vol 20 No 4 Aug 2014) Angela Nickerson, Director of the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program, discusses research into the mental health of asylum seekers and refugees, focusing on the concept of resilience. She points out that psychological research has consistently reported higher levels of mental disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder and depression amongst refugee groups.

Fixing Issues v Personal Growth

photo of Kimberley courtesy Rivka

For the past couple of days I have been revisiting the 'health assessment' unit in the new Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing.

Following the model of the government Health Training package, Perform an Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Health Assessment is one of the five elective units in the new certificate. So I was intrigued this morning when my friend, Ruth Smith (www.universalsoulworks.com), a woman who keeps her finger on the pulse, forwarded me the latest Jelaila message.

Highlights of the IX-XII training

EMF Class of January 2014

The recent IX-XII training was a blast! Both the two participants from NSW and myself were surprised and delighted as our jointly co-created experience continued to unfold in the energy of infinite potential!
Due to the heatwave, the class was held at the EastWest College, courtesy of the Principal, Linda Borkowski, also shown in the photo. On the corner of Hawthorn Road and Dover Street, the EastWest College is easy to spot and we were warmly welcomed and invited to make ourselves at home - which we did!

Heart and head

Unlike many training programs that engage primarily with mind and head, EMF Balancing engages a potent combination of heart and head. Each successive cycle of phases is primarily about supporting our personal growth and engaging more consciously with the infinite potential of our own core energy. As we continue to engage more consciously with our own infinite potential, we become better attuned to recognizing and supporting the infinite potential of those around us.

The Energy of Wholeness

Cape Shank lighthouse, Mornington Peninsula, Vic.

As Peggy has continued to experience and work with the new energy through the EMF Balancing Technique®, she has deepened and refined her understanding of it.

We see this in the change of focus between the first cycle of phases, I-IV, and the final cycle, IX-XII. In the first cycle, as the name, Foundations of Evolution suggests, we start with honoring the individual in the energy of love expressed as a nurturing and supporting energy of wholeness: in the final cycle, Freedom in the Energy of Love, we are looking at the archetypes that inform our understanding of who we are in the energy of love – the universal human, the universal parent, the universal beloved, and the emerging evolutionary – and of the mystical relationship and union of the individual I and the infinite I.

Enlightenment will have a whole new meaning

Kimberley, courtesy Rivka

Peggy proposes that these downloads of energy provide opportunities for integration that will bring about more of the abilities that are possible with the new energy. This is part of the new expressions of evolutionary intelligence that can enable us to live life more fully, coherently and creatively; part of an upward evolutionary spiral where we practice using our ability to consistently raise our vibrational frequencies and align to new expressions of evolutionary intelligence.

And – the EMF Balancing Technique® provides a foundation for this work in the new energy. To quote Peggy: ‘the new energy will bring about the power of love and release the love of power.” We are already experiencing a ‘new bandwidth of emotions’.


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