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Image. Walkerville, Victoria,  courtesy Neil Reid

Overview: 12 EMF Balancing Phases

The EMF Balancing Technique® offers twelve different individual energy balancing sessions, called phases, each of which takes both giver and receiver on a unique path of exploration of a specific aspect of their sacred human infinite potential.

The overall aim is to support and encourage each of us to live the most enlightened life we can, whatever that may mean to us. And this will mean different things to different people depending on our culture, experience, needs, and so on.

To facilitate this process, we work with our human electro magnetic energy field, tuning into and activating specific aspects of it.

Each session starts with an acknowledgement of the infinite potential within each of us and ends with the affirmation of the receiver's unique patterns of light and energy.

Foundations of Evolution: Phases I-IV

Phase 1. An integrative process that clears major chakras, balances energy and connects heart and mind

Phase 2. A process of self-direction that continues the clearing and balancing process in the major chakras: the focus here is on the past and how by releasing excess baggage from the past and accessing strengths we may not have paid sufficient attention to, we automatically make more energy available to us in the present.

Phase 3. The present moment is the moment of truth and change. The focus is on the present as we clear and balance a range of minor chakras to integrate and consolidate our experience of being grounded in the present moment and acting authentically from the core of our being.

Phase 4. The future holds our potential and what we choose to manifest. In this phase we open to our future potential, activating new connections and committing to living more fully in the energy of love.

Practice of Mastery: Phases V-VIII

Phase 5. Who are you? Choose your unique expression of loving energy in action, focusing on the attributes associated with the sacred template of infinite love.

Phase 6. Who are you? Choose how you will uniquely express yourself in the energy of loving compassion, focusing on the attributes of the sacred templates of infinite compassion.

Phase 7. Who are you? Choose your unique expression of the practice of loving, compassionate presence, focusing on the attributes of the sacred templates of infinite presence.

Phase 8. Who are you? Choose how you express the unique pattern of your infinite loving wisdom focusing on the sacred template of infinite wisdom.

Freedom in the Energy of Love: Phases IX-XII

Phase 9. Explore what it means to be human using the Template of the Universal Human, one of the basic archetypal relationships that make us what we are.

Phase 10. Explore the archetype of the Universal Parent: a fresh look at parenting ourselves and others through the Template of the Universal Parent.

Phase 11. The Universal Beloved: heal your relationships first with yourself, then with others through the Template of the Universal beloved.

Phase 12. The Universal Evolutionary: we are in an ongoing process of evolution - what does this mean for you and what does it offer you? Meditate on what attuning to the Template of the Universal Evolutionary can do for you.