Where does this piece fit?

jigsaw puzzle bracelet

As I thought about this question, it came to me, 'This could be the story of your life, Justus' - or anybody's life for that matter.

For many people, working out where they fit in and what they are here to do, occupies a major part of their energy.

Spiritual seekers for centuries have recognised that they are spiritual beings living in physical bodies and their lives are about manifesting that spirituality in their bodies to the highest degree possible. Or as The Balancing Work puts it, 'Living the most enlightened life we can'.

Contextualising something is about showing how it fits into the bigger picture and perhaps needs some adjustment to fit in the process. That's where the jigsaw metaphor, particularly as it applies to ourselves, needs to be expanded to take into account that both we and our environment are in a constant state of change and evolution: contextualisation can't be a one-off - it's a process that needs to be ongoing and conducted with discernment.

But when a piece of a jigsaw is correctly placed, it both completes and makes sense of the whole as well as drawing attention to its own uniqueness.

EMF Balancing in Australia
I spent last weekend upgrading my TAE (Training And Assessment) Certificate IV so that I will qualified to teach the EMF Balancing Certificate IV that I helped to develop in 2011.

One of the things I learned was the importance of contextualising training. This resonated with me as I have long reflected on how the EMF Balancing energy can best be experienced and expressed in an Australian context. In fact, that was the motivation for setting in motion the development of this unique Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Technique.

I wanted more people to be aware of the practical benefits of the EMF Balancing experience in their lives. And I also wanted existing practitioners to more easily fill their practices with people who were looking for these precise benefits.

So what are the benefits?
An EMF Balancing energy session is intended to be a joyful experience that encourages the receiver to activate and express more of who they truly are as a spiritual being expressing themselves in a physical body.

The EMF Balancing Foundations of Evolution training program is one of the best non-specific personal and professional training programs that a person can gift to themselves.
It addresses our common interconnected spiritual, quantum, energetic dimensions while at the same time respecting and honouring our differences: 'From the Infinite Potential within me to the Infinite Potential within you, and in honour of each of our unique beliefs, ...'.

The common elements experienced are states of peace, joy, love and other similar emotions. The way these are experienced and the actions they lead to in individual cases are different for everyone because we are all different and unique. The end result is always 'according to the inner wisdom' of the receiver.

New program starting soon
I'll shortly be announcing the details of the next new personal/professional training, Foundations of Evolution.

The first part of the program will be presented online using videos, webinars and Google Hangouts. The second part will be four days of practical workshop training in Melbourne, from Friday 1st November through to Monday 4th November.

Now I know this is Melbourne Cup Weekend so it won't suit everyone. But the course will be over in time to attend the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 5th.
Participants will be able to choose to enroll just in the online part of the course, or in the online plus the hands-on workshop training. Registration will be opening soon.