What is EMF Balancing?

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EMF Balancing Technique® - An Evolutionary Path of Sacred Consciousness

Manage your energy, reduce stress and anxiety, invite more peace and joy

The EMF Balancing Technique® offers an evolutionary path to personal spiritual and energetic consciousness. It is a practical energy-based process of thirteen phases, each with a specific focus on a different part of the energy field. The receiver participates with the giver/practitioner over a series of sessions and uses a Take Home Sheet between sessions that lists the intents during the session in order to reactivate the energy and reinforce their experience.

By participating in this energy balancing process, a person experiences a variety of benefits. Because each person is different and has different needs, each person's experience and outcomes will be unique to them.

Typical positive outcomes include:

  • Fewer feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Greater sense of centredness, peace and joy
  • Life focus is clarified
  • Improved decision making
  • More access to your own intuitive wisdom
  • Greater sense of balance, coherence and meaning
  • Awareness of your own sacred consciousness as a state of peace and joy
  • Greater sense of wholeness and connection within yourself
  • Conscious participation in the co-creation of your future

EMF Balancing can be experienced as individual sessions with a practitioner, as personal growth training and - as part of a complementary therapist's 'tool box'. These are explained below:

  • a series of personal sessions (Phases I-XIII) with a qualified EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner. These ongoing sessions (any of which can be repeated if you wish) encourage you to experience a supportive and increased awareness of your own original sacred consciousness. This sacred consciousness is a state of peace and joy in which a person can consciously participate in the co-creation of their future.
  • a personal development program, Evolution of Consciousness, in which you learn the Technique as a way of progressing your evolution as a human being. This program includes powerful meditations and practical techniques that deepen your understanding of your own sacred consciousness and enable you to take more control of your life on a daily basis.
    The complete personal development program covers thirteen phases and is usually taken over a period of months as three 6-day workshops plus Phase XIII:
    Phases I-IV, Evolution of Consciousness; Phases V-VIII, The Practice of Mastery; and Phases IX-XII, Freedom in the Energy of Love: Phase XIII, The Path of the Evolutionary.
  • becoming an Accredited Practitioner. Accredited EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioners are people who have completed the EMF personal development program, Phases 1-4, plus a period of professional development, referred to as an internship. During this time they practice the Technique under the supervision of a qualified EMF Balancing Technique Supervisory Teacher.
    An internship usually lasts between three and twelve months and can start anytime after the beginning of the Personal Development, Phases I-IV program. On successful completion of the internship, the new practitioner receives a Certificate from EEI and can apply to be listed on the EEI website, www.emfworldwide.com.
    Accredited Practitioners of Phases I-IV can proceed to become Accredited Practitioners of Phases V-III and IX-XII by submitting details of twelve sessions they have conducted after completing the relevant set of phases.

What previous participants have said

"Experiencing the phases of EMF Balancing was for me a time of becoming more centred and grounded; when new measures of joy and purpose, confidence and inspiration came into my life. These changes were sometimes subtle sometimes profound, but, over time life changing.
It, therefore, became a natural next step for me to learn Phases 1 – 4, the Practitioner training, in order that I could share EMF with my family and friends (and later clients) and that they too, could more readily open to their potentials through EMF Balancing.
Learning Phases I-IV was a beautiful experience. I found the imagery, meditations and methods within the EMF Balancing technique to be inspiring, enabling and deeply nurturing of wholeness. As a practitioner you facilitate the clearing of energetic clutter and balance, ground and calibrate energies whilst honouring each individual’s unique wisdom. It is a profound gift to give and a privilege to learn and practice.
Throughout my training as an EMF practitioner Phases I-IV and later V-VIII, Justus has been an exceptional teacher/mentor and I am grateful for the extensive qualities she brings to these roles. She has been patient, supportive, compassionate, articulate and always encouraging, as she has taught, counselled and modelled all the needed skill and nuances of the phases of EMF Balancing and its practice. I would recommend Justus as a teacher and EMF Balancing as both personal development and as a unique and inspiring modality to practice. Thank you Justus; I honour you."

Karen Stephenson, EMF Balancing Practitioner Phases I-VIII, Seaford, Vic

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Visit www.emfworldwide.com for more information on the EMF Balancing Technique and The Balancing Work.