Tending to our inner child

EMF Newsletter 27 Dec 2014

This has been a difficult year for all of us. Who could fail to be affected by the violence brought into each of our lives via the international and domestic news. And none of us has escaped our own personal challenges whether they be unexpected loss of loved ones, health issues, relationship turmoil, economic/employment uncertainty … we each have our stories to tell. And we have each done the best we could with the circumstances we were given.

Yesterday I watched a DVD demonstrating the work of a now no longer with us therapist, Virginia Satir, whose work I have always greatly admired. She combines a huge compassion for her clients with a very down-to-earth practicality in the ‘tools’ she uses. In EMF Balancing terms, she connects the Centre Above with the Centre Below and integrates divine and human, above and below, wisdom and love to invite a felt sense of safety, coherence and wholeness.

Towards the end of the session portrayed in the DVD, she invites the mother and son with whom she is working to accept a toddler-sized soft toy onto their laps. She also takes one herself. Each of us, she suggests, including herself, has a small younger self inside of us. While we want to press on with our lives and present ourselves to those around us as tough, able to cope, unaffected by rejection, ridicule or loss, there is this younger person inside of us who needs reassurance and comfort. Using the soft toy and dolls as props, Satir was able to convey a sense of relief and resolution for the son and his mother who had come to her for help.

During the ensuing discussion with a couple of the ‘experts’ in the field, when they asked what it was like to experience cradling one of the ‘little people’, both the man and the woman were visibly moved and relaxed by the experience.

The message I would like to share with you for the end of 2014 and starting to focus on 2015 is to take a moment to attend to your own inner child. He or she may be feeling hurt, confused, overwhelmed, abandoned, lost. It’s OK to become aware of this. In fact, the more you can accustom yourself to being aware of these feelings in your core and able to stay with them and offer yourself comfort as you would another, the more you will encourage in yourself the resilience we all need to co-create our future.

The EMF Balancing Technique® also offers a way to integrate the wounding conflicts we all face in life. Each of the twelve phases addresses a different part of our energy anatomy and through this, a different aspect of our wholeness.

From the infinite within me to the infinite within you … and in honour of each of our unique beliefs ...

Season's Greetings from Justus