The Symbol Workshop

used with kind permission from neil reid

The Symbol one-day workshop teaches a way of working with our individual personal energy field using the power of intention to create our 'ideal' life, sometimes called 'our most enlightened life'. It is a practical, experiential workshop where participants are invited to create and work with their own Statement of Focused Intent (SOFI) using the Symbol.

This workshop can be taken before starting a series of EMF Balancing sessions or as a way of deepening our understanding of the EMF Balancing experience.

Looking from above at that part of our electro magnetic field known as the Universal Calibration Lattice, we see a pattern of energy that is the Symbol. The Symbol, therefore, is in a real sense, a 'gateway' into the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) and the UCL is our connection to the universal lattice, the universal energy source. By participating in a Symbol Workshop, we align and strengthen our personal electro magnetic field so that through ongoing practice, we are more able to express ourselves in the world and act powerfully and lovingly in our daily interactions.