Seeing the big picture - wisdom

Western Victoria landscape courtesy Neil Reid

This is a further instalment of the mini-series, Living Your Most Enlightened Life. The theme this week is Wisdom and here’s a quotation from Rich Simon, editor of the Psychotherapy Networker, to get us started.

True wisdom is about expanding your ability to experience the world as a whole.

One of the attributes of mastery that EMF Balancing encourages is wisdom. Knowledge is another.

I like Rich Simon’s description of what wisdom is about because when I thought about it, I understood how wisdom is different from knowledge.
Knowledge is a more linear affair concerned with adding further detail, further data to one’s store of information. Wisdom is about being able to analyse and interpret that information so as to see the interconnections and to make a bigger picture, a coherent story that accepts and explains the individual parts and their interconnections.

If knowledge is like the contents of a room, wisdom is like being able to explain the value of these contents and how they each contribute to the overall feel and environment that the room creates.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We are all very familiar with this expression that reminds us of the qualitative changes that take place when parts come together. Water, for example, is made of the elements of hydrogen and oxygen in the proportion H2O. But the individual gases are very different from water. A human being is qualitatively different from the sum of the organs, tissues, cells, neurons, etc that can be found when the body is dissected.

The sum of our knowledge can be seen as the sum of the parts that make up wisdom but wisdom itself is qualitatively different because wisdom gives meaning to the sum of the parts.

How is this relevant to living our most enlightened life?

An enlightened life is not about acquiring some special piece of information though we are often led to think that it is, that some people have acquired some unique and different piece of information that sets them apart from the rest of us. This is a misunderstanding. The enlightened life is about the meaning that we give to the sum of our ‘bits of information’.

When Peggy Phoenix Dubro had her first experience of ‘no beginning, no end’, she could make no sense of it and spent the next few years searching for a way to understand it. It was simply another piece of information. It was not until years later that she made sense of it when she re-experienced the ‘no beginning, no end’ accompanied by a new understanding that led to the development of the EMF Balancing work. At that point, her knowledge began to transform into wisdom and produced a unique body of work.

If the enlightened life is about giving meaning to the sum of our ‘bits of information’, what was it that gave meaning in Peggy’s case? It was the concept of the Universal Calibration Lattice, a new part of our human energy anatomy. Seeing experience through the lens of the lattice enabled Peggy to explain what before had not made sense.

  • The structure of the lattice gave an explanation of how we as individuals are connected to Universal Source and to each other.
  • This structure also explained how the energies of heart and head, past, present and future, giving and receiving could be interconnected in a coherent pattern.
  • Having established that this part of the human energy anatomy had a definite structure that functioned in specific patterns, Peggy could then find ways of working with this energetic structure to encourage a stronger sense of connection to source, a stronger awareness of a person’s unique potential, and specific patterns of aligned behaviour that create balance and wholeness for a person, resulting in a greater sense of peace, purpose and resilience.