The EMF Balancing Technique Personal and Professional Training Program
Phases I-IV Foundations of Evolution starts in three weeks time.

In this and the next few emails, I want to tell you something about the program.

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The EMF Balancing Technique Personal and Professional Training Program
Phases I-IV, Foundations of Evolution, is a program of personal development,
requiring no pre-requisites but leading on to professional practice for those who

The work is designed to empower givers and receivers to become more
in alignment with their inner core that is their connection with source or
universal energy. This is a unique emotional experience for each person and
is often felt as a profound sense of peace, wholeness and comfort.

This training program is for two groups of people.

The first group comprises people who are fascinated by the many new advances in
working with the human energy field and would like to find out more. If you are
in this group, you may be wondering where to start. You may have read Bruce Lipton's
Biology of Belief or his more recent book, Positive Evolutlion, co-authored
with Steve Bhaerman (aka Swami Beyondanda) and feel intrigued and drawn to
learning more about the how to of human evolution.

Foundations of Evolution is a good place to start because you learn with your heart
and your body rather than just your mind and each workshop teaches you how to give
an energy balance you can share with family and friends.

The second group of people who will find value in this course are those who wish to
become professional practitioners working with the human energy field. You may
already be practicing another complementary or energy-based modality like Reiki,
Kinesiology, Massage or Aromatherapy or you may be in a totally different field and
sense that the time is right for you to explore wider horizons. Either way, you want
a qualification that enables you to practice professionally. Foundations of Evolution
at the professional level enables you to qualify as an EMF Balancing Technique
Practitioner Phases I-IV with the Energy Extension Inc (EEI).

See for further information on this option.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about the EMF Balancing Technique.

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