Releasing Restrictions


This morning while sipping my morning cup of tea and enjoying my slice of sourdough toast and marmalade, I had a small epiphany that made me laugh. It was such a BFO but it had eluded me for the past year or two. A friend had given me a rather splendidly presented folder titled 'Lavender Greeting Card Organiser'. It was divided into months with pockets for cards and space on which to write the date and the occasion.

On going through the folder, I saw that I had written one friend's birthday down - and that was it. Why didn't I make use of this practical and attractive gift? To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I could have had the prompts I was vaguely wishing I had to remember friends' birthdays, all in one neat package.

This reminded me of Phase II of EMF Balancing which is all about acknowledging and encouraging self-direction and self-support. As part of the preliminary clearing work we give the intent to release excess energy around old events that no longer serve us. But we also give the intent to activate strengths and encourage those tendencies that promote forward movement and self support and, as a result of giving this intent, to be on the lookout for anything happening in our life that moves us in this direction. We also give intent to release restrictions.

The outcome of all these clearing processes is an increased sense of clarity around who we are and what is most important to us as well as an influx of energy into our present life. This is explained as the released energy being recycled so that we can make use of it where we really need it - in the present moment.

Coming back to my 'Lavender Greeting Card Organiser', I realised that it was the solution I had been half consciously looking for:

- how to remember family and friends' birthdays
- where to store cards I sometimes buy on the spur of the moment thinking they will be useful for a particular occasion, then promptly forget where I've put them or even that I have them at all.

Seems simple enough. Why didn't I get the message earlier? I don't know. Maybe I wasn't ready to be that organised. Maybe I wasn't sufficiently interested in making the 'remembering family and friends birthdays' really happen. Maybe the planets weren't in the right alignment. It doesn't really matter.

The important thing as I see it is that the restriction on my limited vision of the greeting card organiser was removed so that I could see it as the truly practical and good looking solution I needed. My mind can now be a little less cluttered with remembering to remember, the cards I need will be easily found when needed, and hopefully I'll have more energy to focus on the inner quality of my relationships rather than the symbolic outer indicators.

I'm off to tidy up my desk compartments and add the cards I find there to my organiser - which will give me more space. And I do love to contemplate some empty space in my home.

After all, you can't add new stuff until you've cleared out the old.