Reflections Intensive

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Peggy Phoenix Dubro's newest seminar, Reflections: Channeling the energy of grace and wholeness, presents a simple and powerful way to reflect the energy of wholeness to yourself and to others. Using your intuitive abilities to shine the light of clarity and focus transforms the energy of your intentions into the energy of conscious creation and commitment.

In Part 1 you learn tools to reflect the energy of wholeness within yourself. With these tools you will accelerate the development of your intuition ... you know you've got it, time to use it, more!

In Part 2 you will continue to develop your intuitive abilities as you learn how to reflect the energy of wholeness to others. Peggy will transmit and initiate participants into a greater ability to use their intuition in balance with their intellect. The Reflections work stands on its own as a beautiful way to honor yourself and others, and can also be used in conjunction with any other modality you are practicing.

Experience what it means to channel more of who you are as you open to the energy of grace, an energy charge of infinite love that fills one´s being with the ability to move intention into reality.
Download the flier

Reflections has two parts. You may choose to attend only the first part.
Part1: 9:00am - 2:00pm. There will be one tea break and one other short break.
Part 2: 3:30pm - 9:00pm) There will be one tea break and one other short break.
Register for the Kryon Event at Chris Hooper's site.
Register for Reflections here.

The price for both parts is USD$ 288.00 (payable directly into the US account)
There is a Special Kryon Price of USD$ 222 (USD$ 111 for morning session only) for those attending the Kryon event on Sat-Sun 17-18 March.

To book your seat for the Kryon Event, please go to Chris Hooper's site.

AND there is an Extra Special Early Bird Sign-up Price for Reflections until February 15 of USD$ 188.00 (for full day)
Download the Reflections flier

PS: This is the preferred means of registration. However, if you have any problems accessing this URL, please email me and I will send you some alternative means of payment.

Enquiries: Justus Lewis PhD Accredited EMF Balancing Technique Supervisory Teacher

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