Phases I & II

Parrot at Walkerville 2012 courtesy Neil Reid

Prerequisite: UCL 1-day workshop

Day 1: Phase I - Wisdom and Emotions

Balances the head and the heart. resulting in stress reduction and encouraging an energy pattern of freedom and wellbeing. Feel the energetic balance, nurture the connection between head and heart, mind and emotions.

Day 2: Phase II - Self Direction and Self Support

This session gracefully releases the energy blockages of old emotional issues and promotes self-empowerment through seeing your history as a resource for strength, no longer an anchor that holds you back. The new energetic pattern promotes awareness of direction and support from inner wisdom, making more energy available to you now in daily life.

Day 3: Distance healing

Because we are working with energy at a quantum level, this work is equally effective when done at a distance, over the telephone or using Skype.