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Parrots at Walkerville courtesy Neil Reid

Increase your energetic sensitivity and accelerate your evolution as a conscious human being. Each successive balance unfolds an expanded understandings of oneself. The energy is gentle, powerful and nurturing.

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Build Emotional and Spiritual Resilience in just Thirteen Sessions - How it Works

There are thirteen phases (sessions) total to the EMF Balancing Technique®. The first twelve phases are grouped into three cycles of four phases each. Each successive phase focuses on a different aspect of our energy anatomy. and each cycle of phases builds on the previous cycle.

The thirteenth phase is a meditation that encompasses the resonances of all twelve phases.

Start with the Foundations

The first cycle, Foundations of Evolution, establishes a framework within which we identify, clarify, amplify and activate the energies of:

  1. heart and head - integrating wisdom and emotion
  2. past - release restrictions and unproductive attachments; activate strengths and talents
  3. present - radiate your core energy and balance receiving and giving
  4. future - unfold your infinite potential

The second cycle, Masters in Practice, focuses on the practice of mastery in daily life. We are invited to choose the noble human qualities we wish to practice in daily life.

In the third and final cycle, Freedom in the Energy of Love, we are invited to contemplate and co-create the relationship between our individual I and our infinite I using the archetypal concepts of the Universal Human, the Universal Parent, the Universal Beloved and the Universal Evolutionary. The focus is on the unity of opposites, yin and yang, father and mother, male and female, the Individual I and the Infinite I.