Peggy-Jan: 2014

Kimberley, courtesy Rivka

Well, I managed to be awake at 5 am today (almost) and listened to Peggy’s presentation. And it was worth it.

I gather Peggy is going to be presenting a monthly series in which participants together practice bringing the evolving energy into the nitty-gritty of daily life such as home, work, relationships for a start. In fact, she and Stephen have reinterpreted their company’s acronym, EEI (Energy Extension Inc) as Everyday Energetic Institute.

To put it in another way, she intends to work with us collectively to contextualise the practice of EMF Balancing in our daily life. I find this very encouraging because the focus of my EMF Balancing teaching programs is always, not on talking ABOUT the modality but on having a LIVING EXPERIENCE of the energy. It's a way for participants to contextualise the experience of their own core energy in a practical way.

Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Balancing

And my intention in developing the Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Technique has always been to contextualize the experience within the Australian healthcare system.

In other words, I don’t want students who just want to learn ABOUT another modality, I want people who are actively committed tot their own evolution as human beings and realize that EMF Balancing can make a significant contribution to their own personal growth, their own expression of themselves in daily life.

New revelation

Here Peggy referred to the scientific information that others such as Tom Kenyon have already pointed to and commented on. She explained how this information related to the practice of EMF Balancing.

NASA and other sources are noting increasing electro magnetic activity in the sun and the effects of this on changing the electro magnetic fields between the sun and the earth. It makes sense that this, by implication, affects the human electro magnetic field. As an example, Peggy recalled the severe health crisis she experienced last year and how she later found out that it had occurred at the time of the largest sun flare in 2013.

Those who have completed Phases I-IV Personal Growth program would not have been surprised to hear this, as they are already familiar with the pioneering work of Robert Becker in the late twentieth century. Becker was one of the first to gather solid scientific evidence that mental disturbance in the general population peaked around the full moon.

Peggy interprets these changes in the collective electro magnetic fields as part of our evolving conscious evolution. By tuning into these energies, which she experiences as the energies of infinite love, we can choose to progress our own conscious evolution in ways that have up till now not been possible. A very exciting prospect.

Phase IV
As an EMF Balancing practitioner and teacher, I was ‘wowed’ by this. For the last couple of years I have urged students to focus on their experience of the energy and to be flexible in how they express the intentions written in the workbooks in the actual words they use with their clients (receivers).

Peggy was indeed flexible in how she expressed the work, as I have long suspected she was in her own work. This was a powerful living experience of the energy expressed appropriately in words that resonated even though they were not the same as those ‘in the book’.

Till next time, let’s live our most enlightened life,