Our heart connection to our pets

ginger cat

In the latest Heartmath newsletter there is a link to a very interesting report by a veterinarian on the healing connection between people and their pets. Here's the link.

Peggy, too, talks about this energetic connection when she gives us the concept of the Third Lattice which is the energetic connection that forms between us and others, connecting our lattice with theirs. One of her examples is the Third Lattice that people have with their pets and she speculates, Do the people choose the pets, or do the pets choose the people?

I myself had a very powerful experience of healing a pet several years ago using the EMF Balancing clearing process. I was looking after my son's cat who suddenly became very ill. Something was wrong with his hind quarters, so much so that he could scarcely drag himself over the front step. It was the weekend and I wasn't sure where I could find a vet so I took the cat on my knee and began to do the EMF clearing on his backside. It felt like there was a mess of sticky blackness that I was directing away from his body. I continued for some time till the space began to feel much lighter and clearer. The cat slept on my knee. The next morning he was fine.

If you want to learn this technique, I'll be teaching it at the next UCL Workshop scheduled for later this year. In the meantime, if you know how to do this clearing, why not try it on one of your own pain spots or with a friend. It can't hurt and maybe it will help you.