Mystic Christ Within

Many new paths

We live in interesting times. Many people from different traditions are bringing in new effective and practical ways to help those who want to be active participants in their personal evolution. The EMF Balancing Technique® is one of these ways that many have found empowers them to step forward and live a more meaningful and satisfying life.

There are many other paths and Peggy, the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique has always emphasised the importance of honouring and respecting other paths.

A practical mystic approach

Bill Bauman is one of these people who is walking another path. He was recently interviewed by Stephen Dinan as part of a Shift Network series. What he said resonated with me and I made a few notes to share with you now.

Bill, like Peggy, regards himself as a mystic of the practical variety. My overall impression was of the many deep similarities in their experiencing despite superficial differences in language.

Comparisons with EMF Balancing

Bill Bauman's experience is of the Christ within. In earlier developments of EMF Balancing, Peggy would refer to the Creator within. She has since changed this to the Infinite or Infinite Potential within because, as I understand it, she wanted it to be clear that she was not referring to a specific religious concept.

Bill comes from the same place. Like Peggy, he wants to bridge religious traditions. He explained that 'christ' is a greek word meaning the anointed one. His take on Jesus is that Jesus grew up with the christedness of his being and at some point was initiated into the fullness of his christhood. This is quite apart from any religion and has everything to do with being fully blessed with the light of the divine and recognising one's own pure light nature.

Peggy - along with major spiritual traditions - would say much the same. A major part of the EMF Balancing process revolves around activating sacred templates of light and energy that are embedded hyper-dimensionally in the human energy field and express each person's unique potential as a facet of the whole.

Another similarity that struck me was that what inspires them both is a sharing of emotionally-based heart wisdom and not a set of precepts primarily grasped by the mind. In balancing the heart in the EMF Balancing work, we have the wonderful expression, 'Let us give the intent to express the wisdom of your heart'.

There was a magical moment during Bill's interview when Stephen Dinan invited him to speak to listeners directly form his heart. Here are some of the words I wrote as he spoke:

"I speak to the christ that you are from the christ that I am - you are a beautiful remarkable amazing christ - you were born as that - even if you've walked through horrendous stuff … this may be a magical moment for you, the christ you were born as is stepping forth - that christ is you - you are made of the same light that all the other avatars were made from - it's time that that christ that you are just took over and in effect said, it's my turn. You've mastered the roles of grower, learner, and you've done it with great focus, and you've prepared yourself perfectly. I"m here, I'm the real you - you've tried the rest, now try the best - wake up to me the mystic christ you know yourself to be - i'm here now to incarnate the next step - to invite that you and lift it into me - to inspire you to love yourself enough and say yes to who you are - your version of the big christ we all share ..."

I hope these notes may inspire you to reflect on your own experience and to find and express your own inner truth, whether that comes to you as the Christ within, the Divine within, the Infinite, the I Am That I AM, or something else that resonates as a pure place of peace and loving compassion.

What difference does it make?

The ultimate test, of course, is what difference does this make in how we live our lives. Can we get a better handle on the decisions we have to make daily on a vast array of different matters?

I think it does.

Taking the position of a practical mystic, whether along Bill Bauman's experience of the mystical Christ within or the EMF Balancing experience of connection to Universal Energy, enables one to act from a different space. It's no longer a question of relying primarily on the mind though the mind continues to have a role: we allow ourselves to become deeply attuned at a heart level and to act from that space of alignment and balance.

As Bauman put it:
"... the biggest key is to really know who we are, be grounded into who we are, know who I am - I take that into the workplace, parenthood, I deal my cards from that place, I express myself from that place - I let the christ inspire me in that moment in how to be present - instead of trying to figure out how to handle situations ... "

What do you think? I'd love to have your comments below.