The Loving Gaze

Take a look at this video if you have not yet heard of Braco and his loving gaze.

And here's a link to his next livestream in Australia:

Those who have participated in the EMF Balancing Personal Growth Training will recall that at the end of Day One, the Universal Calibration Workshop, we do an activity called Directing Energy with the Eyes. This is done in pairs and essentially involves each person taking turns to direct loving energy to his/her partner and then sharing their experiences with each other. Subsequently, in Phases I-IV, there are many occasions when the giver reinforces the amplification of energy in the receiver by using their eyes to direct the energy.

Many givers and receivers of EMF Balancing attest to the powerful emotional impact of a balance that moves them to tears. Perhaps this is an aspect of the training that we should give more attention to in future. You can read more about the effects of a balance as experienced by a number of teachers and practitioners here.

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