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Today’s excellent article on Loneliness by Stephanie Wood in The Saturday Age Good Weekend (31 August 2013) prompted me to reflect on my own experience of loneliness and how the EMF Balancing Technique® addresses this universal emotion.

Personal recollections

I remember feeling intensely alone and lonely as a child and this continued into my adult life resulting at times in bouts of deep depression. However, I found that the practice of Reiki and then energy balancing using the EMF Balancing Technique® helped a lot and of recent years, EMF Energy Balancing has had a deeply calming influence on me so that most of the time I enjoy a measure of joy-flavoured equanimity.

My most recent experience of intense loneliness - which fortunately was short lived - was after my recent operation when being largely immobilized, I felt extremely vulnerable and quite scared. Even although I had practiced and mentally rehearsed beforehand what was going to happen and how I wanted to respond, there was still a level of anxiety. Fortunately, many of my friends were able to visit and while they were with me I felt connected and once again in a safe place.

I was reminded of these feelings when a friend commented on her perception of the experience of her ageing and very frail mother, reminding me of other friends who had voiced similar sentiments relating to their relatives and of the daily experience of countless ageing people who are not too sure just what is happening to them and find themselves largely dependent on others for many of their most basic functions.

Stephanie Wood reminds us how we all crave meaningful connection one way or another. She quotes one of the people she interviewed for the article, "It's not that you want to be noticed in a big way. It's just a nod of the head, 'How are you?' As simple as that."

Metaphysically speaking

As I see it, the metaphysical explanation of loneliness is that it is a consequence of our forgetting and being out of touch with our divine nature.

Metaphysically, there is a ‘God part’, as Kryon puts, it in each of us and an EMF Balancing session reminds us of this part and helps encourages its activation. We are spiritual beings manifesting in a physical body.

The Universal Calibration Lattice, a part of our human electro magnetic field, provides the link or bridge that connects our human unique selves with our universal divine potential.

We could picture this is as a continuum with two extremes: at one extreme we are identical with the God part (and this is explored experientially in Phases IX-XII); at the other extreme we are totally individual and unique, a piece of the whole. And it is our awareness of this uniqueness in one way or another that relates to our experience of loneliness.

The opening words of each EMF Balance reflect an acknowledgement of this continuum of experience: ‘From the Infinite Potential within me to the Infinite Potential within you – and in honour of each of our unique beliefs, let us begin.’

What can we do about loneliness? The Loneliness crystal essence

My friend and colleague, Ruth Smith, has created a beautiful crystal essence called Loneliness.
You can read about it here.

Used in the aura or taken under the tongue, this essence can assuage feelings of loneliness and help as remember that separation is ultimately an illusion.