It's Time to Find New Expressions of the Energy of Love

Practical Ways To Express The Power Of Loving Energy
We know that the underlying structure of the universe is pure energy, recognised by esoteric thinkers as the energy of love and wholeness. But how do we find practical ways to harness the power of this loving energy for ourselves and the people we love and serve when all too often we feel confused, isolated, disconnected and alone?

It's natural to feel confused and discouraged not to mention helpless when we think about the pain and suffering in our own lives and the lives of those around us. But it can be different.

Meaning, Purpose And Peace
We can learn ways to honour, affirm and respect our own and others' uniqueness, to gain clarity on our life purpose and the next step to take in manifesting that purpose, and to experience a powerful sense of connection grounded in the energy of loving wholeness. This gives our life a depth of meaning, purpose and peace that transforms the way we live our lives and the way that we are able to deal with the inevitable hurts, disappointments and tragedies of life.

The EMF Balancing Technique®
The EMF Balancing Technique® is a contemporary expression of the energy of loving wholeness that is possible for each of us as unique yet interconnected human beings. This gentle and easily learned Technique is taught and practiced in over 70 countries worldwide as a powerful way to bring greater clarity and wholeness as people consciously evolve their lives.

More Satisfaction and Joy in Our Lives Right Now
Hello, I'm Justus Lewis. I believe that joy is too often missing from our daily lives and when we find ways to add that secret ingredient, powerful and amazing changes can take place in how we see ourselves and what we are able to accomplish in our lives.

I help people find ways that work for them to experience more joy in their lives. I know there is terrible suffering in life and we can't get around this fact. But I also know from my own experience that even from the depth of despair, it is possible to tap into resources of strength and resilience. These resources seem to come from a very sacred place in our consciousness.

I have found one of the most effective ways of accessing this sacred source of power and joy to be the practice of the EMF Balancing Technique®.

Each of Us is a Sacred and Unique Evolving Human Being
I love EMF Balancing because it speaks directly to a sacred core in each of us. Also, the practice of EMF Balancing honours our unique potential as evolving human beings with the power of choice. At the same time this Balancing Work acknowledges the importance of relationships and our connections with other people.

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