Inviting enlightenment

Country Victoria courtesy Neil Reid

22 Reasons to do the Foundations of Evolution Personal Growth training
(not in any particular order)

  1. Value for money. A very reasonable price for six days of intensive personal growth training.
  2. Offers a practical and doable way of working gracefully, gently and productively with our own and other's energy fields
  3. Promotes wholeness of body, mind and spirit
  4. Encourages our evolution as human beings by contributing to achieving a critical mass of humane beings
  5. Invites us to live our most enlightened life - as above, so below
  6. Work done on ourselves, benefits those around us - the ripple effect
  7. The program is fun, interesting and stimulating
  8. Successful completion of the Personal Growth program opens the door to a new career path or an addition to an existing practice through qualifying as a practitioner with EEI (Energy Extension Inc)
  9. Successful completion of the practitioner programs opens yet another door the a Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing
  10. 'EMF' is a beautiful modality to practice: the giver seems to derive as much benefit as the receiver
  11. 'EMF' works well with other modalities and complements existing practice
  12. 'EMF' promotes deep respect for all people and builds bridges between different cultures - it is taught and practiced in over 70 countries around the world.
  13. 'EMF' doesn't try to 'fix' anything: it is designed to amplify a person's awareness of their own innate wholeness/holiness
  14. This is sacred work (see previous reason)
  15. Developed by a 'practical mystic' (Peggy Phoenix Dubro), this is a program for other practical mystics.
  16. Learn skills that last a lifetime.
  17. 'EMF' assists with managing stress and relieving feelings of anxiety
  18. The ongoing practice of giving and receiving EMF energy balances promotes emotional resilience
  19. Supports a life of personal choice, self direction and self support.
  20. EMF Balancing recognises and respects the work of all other energy based modalities: it is not in competition with any other approach.
  21. Discover new ways to express more of who you are.
  22. Develop your intuition and empathic ability