Highlights of the IX-XII training

EMF Class of January 2014

Highlights of the IX-XII training

The recent IX-XII training was a blast! Both the two participants from NSW and myself were surprised and delighted as our jointly co-created experience continued to unfold in the energy of infinite potential!
Due to the heatwave, the class was held at the EastWest College, courtesy of the Principal, Linda Borkowski, also shown in the photo. On the corner of Hawthorn Road and Dover Street, the EastWest College is easy to spot and we were warmly welcomed and invited to make ourselves at home - which we did!

Heart and head

Unlike many training programs that engage primarily with mind and head, EMF Balancing engages a potent combination of heart and head. Each successive cycle of phases is primarily about supporting our personal growth and engaging more consciously with the infinite potential of our own core energy. As we continue to engage more consciously with our own infinite potential, we become better attuned to recognizing and supporting the infinite potential of those around us.


In Phases IX-XII the focus is on our relationships. We learn to understand our relationships with our interconnected world through the lens of four key archetypal relationships: with ourselves as the Universal Human; with our roots, our past, our ancestors as the Universal Parent; with present connections as the Universal Beloved or Universal Partner; and with our individual and collective future as the Emerging Evolutionary.


We affirm that we are willing to take more responsibility for our thoughts, words, emotions, actions, and recognize that we cannot change the way other people feel and think, we can only change ourselves. So in IX-XII we work with the energy of the emotional and mental charges that we bring to a particular relationship.


Each relationship is expressed as another lattice that Peggy terms the ‘Third Lattice’. When a person puts new energetic charges into a relationship (a third lattice) the dynamics of the relationship change (recalibrate) and the other partner in the relationship also has to calibrate this change in dynamics.

The bottom line

The overall inspiring message is that the choices we make individually day-by-day strongly affect our collective consciousness as evolving human beings. When one lattice re-calibrates, because of the interconnected reality of our world, all other lattices are affected and likewise re-calibrate. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are all interconnected dimensions of the whole.

Changes in any one dimension are inevitably reflected in changes in other dimensions. The oft-quoted example is the butterfly flapping its wings in America that ‘causes’ the snowstorm in the heart of Russia. A more ordinary example of this would be that when we make physical changes in our diet or exercise habits, we feel better (or worse) – emotional effects, we think more (or less) clearly – mental effects, and we experience our relationship with our own wholeness as more (or less) coherent – spiritual effects.

I personally find this motivating and inspiring. When we choose to bring out the best in ourselves, we also encourage and support others to bring out their best selves.

Let’s co-create our most enlightened lives,