Fixing Issues v Personal Growth

photo of Kimberley courtesy Rivka

For the past couple of days I have been revisiting the 'health assessment' unit in the new Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing.

Following the model of the government Health Training package, Perform an Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Health Assessment is one of the five elective units in the new certificate. So I was intrigued this morning when my friend, Ruth Smith (, a woman who keeps her finger on the pulse, forwarded me the latest Jelaila message.

I'll quote from it later because it perfectly expresses the EMF Balancing take on what is a key issue in healthcare at present.

EMF Balancing doesn't do health assessment
Of course we know that EMF Balancing doesn't do health assessment. Even energy field assessment is not part of our remit (though we may do it wearing a different hat if we are suitably qualified). But as professionals working in the Australian health environment we need additional knowledge and skills to work for the highest good of our clients.

Jelaila's Findings
Jelaila, ( has recently, as part of her mission, been offering free mini-sessions to her readers to help them connect with their guides. In her latest newsletteer she summarizes the main concerns of the people she has recently been involved with. She says:

It appears that many who have been on the Spiritual and/or Ascension paths have found themselves a bit lost lately. Many who are teachers report seeing their work dry up with no idea where to go next.

In addition to the teachers, it appears many healers are finding themselves a bit lost as well. Several I have had the honor to counsel report no longer feeling that their chosen modalities are as effective.

In regards to the healers, from what the guides are saying it is because we have reached a point where the healing must be accomplished by the client rather than the practitioner. This means both teaching the modality and becoming more of a facilitator. It also means moving up to a new level of modalities--ones that empower the client to do their own healing rather than doing it for them. So no more removing blocks or old programming for our clients, we must teach them to do it for themselves.

No longer as effective
The sentence that first caught my eye was, 'Several ... report no longer feeling that their chosen modalities are as effective'.

In contrast, my own experience with EMF Balancing is that as the years go by, the energy becomes even more powerful and effective.

A new level of empowerment
Jelaila goes on to say that we need to move up to a new level of modalities that empower people to do the work for themselves. 'The healing must be accomplished by the client, not the practitioner'.

EMF Balancing has taken this view all along and reading Jelaila's message reminded me of one of the key reasons I have pushed over the years to 'mainstream' EMF Balancing: it provides a new model for working with the human energy field, a model that encourages and supports people to take greater responsibility for all aspects of their lives, including their health and in the energy of wholeness, empowers us to lead our most enlightened life.