Enlightenment will have a whole new meaning

Kimberley, courtesy Rivka

In Peggy’s Reflections session on Sunday 5 January (Australian time Monday 6 January) she continued her explanation of what the new energy means in practical terms for all of us.

As we have noted previously, many people are noticing that we are in a time of evolutionary change – Tom Kenyon, Stephen Dinan who founded the Shift Network, Bruce Lipton – to name only a few well-known names. Correlations have been noted between activity in the sun affecting the electro magnetic field between the sun and the earth and these events in turn affecting the human electro magnetic field. Changes in the human electro magnetic field manifest in many ways including changes in the neuronal activity in the brain.

Peggy proposes that these downloads of energy provide opportunities for integration that will bring about more of the abilities that are possible with the new energy. This is part of the new expressions of evolutionary intelligence that can enable us to live life more fully, coherently and creatively; part of an upward evolutionary spiral where we practice using our ability to consistently raise our vibrational frequencies and align to new expressions of evolutionary intelligence.

And – the EMF Balancing Technique® provides a foundation for this work in the new energy. To quote Peggy: ‘the new energy will bring about the power of love and release the love of power.” We are already experiencing a ‘new bandwidth of emotions’.

Personally, I find the idea of a new bandwidth of emotions quite fascinating. My own take, based on observing my personal experience, is that the new emotions are more complex and subtle than before. They are also more honest and transparent, negative as well as positive.

Those who receive EMF Balancing energy sessions regularly remark on how their lives have been transformed in surprising and creative ways. In my own observations, the sessions are becoming more powerful. I take this to indicate that the general vibrational frequency is rising and as people become more responsive to the ‘new bandwidth’, they are able to open more easily to new levels of consciousness. To quote Peggy again: “as you continue to raise your vibrational frequency, change the way you think, you will access new levels of information, guidance and creativity: enlightenment will have a whole new meaning”.