Contextualising EMF Balancing in Australia

Green jigsaw puzzle heart

Contextualising something is about showing how it fits into the bigger picture and perhaps needs some adjustment to fit in the process. That's where the jigsaw metaphor, particularly as it applies to ourselves, needs to be expanded to take into account that both we and our environment are in a constant state of change and evolution: contextualisation can't be a one-off - it's a process that needs to be ongoing and done with discernment. 

But when a piece of a jigsaw is correctly placed, it both completes and makes sense of the whole as well as drawing attention to its own uniqueness.  

Contextualising EMF Balancing in Australia involves a number of elements including:

  • explaining where it fits as part of the health and wellness industry
  • comparing and contrasting it with a range of other approaches to health and wellness to understand where it can be most beneficially used and when it may be contra-indicated
  • considering legal, regulatory and clinic guidelines that must be observed to practice as an EMF Balancing practitioner within the Australian health and wellness industry.

The 'how' of contextualising may be addressed by:

  • communicating clearly in language that makes sense to clients and the general public
  • taking ethnic and cultural diversity into account when choosing language to explain what EMF Balancing is about.

If we contextualise appropriately, we get the right fit - the people who need EMF Balancing and will most benefit from it will hear and understand what we are saying. They will then be in a position to make more informed choices about their life and about whether or not EMF Balancing is relevant and appropriate for them at that moment.

Contextualisation is an ongoing process. As we grow, our understanding of ourselves grows and our understanding of EMF Balancing and its affects on our energy field grows. The people and cultures we interact with are in a state of constant change. This means we must be flexible with discernment. Boundaries are important. How much can something change and still be the same thing? Peggy warns against making changes to the process yet she herself has made several changes that have improved the effectiveness of the modality.

A major aim of creating the Certificate IV in Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Technique has been to contextualise EMF Balancing within the Australian environment. This brings much potential benefit both to the public and to practitioners. The benefits become more widely available as the number of practitioners and the size of their practices expand.