Can Mysticism Be Practical?

Many people would think not. Mystics can seem to live in another world, a different plane, far removed from the hard slog of everyday life. Yet some mystics seem able to straddle these two seemingly opposing worlds and more than that, provide inspiration for the rest of us that we can do the same.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the developer of the EMF Balanncing Technique and the orginator of The Balancing Work likes to describe herself as a practical mystic. And many who have experienced EMF energy balancing sessions would agree that they have found themselves awakened to some very practical applications of their own inner wisdom.

The first four sessions - called phases - offer a succession of practical ways of connecting and reconnecting with our own inner wisdom and experiencing the power of our own core energy.

So, yes, mysticism can be extremely practical and the EMF Balancing Technique offers a good example of how this can work.

Phase I activates our head/heart integration.
Phase II helps release unwanted past emotional baggage and encourages greater self direction and self support.
Phase III is about centering in the present and radiating our core energy.
Phase IV is about connecting our energy with our Future Self so that we can live our most enlightened life.

Robyn Hampton is covering my practice while I am recovering from the recent hip replacement. You can book a session with her by phoning 0416 152 114.