Inspirational poster

Give intent, take action, create reality”. Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Those of you who have had an EMF Balancing session will be familiar with these words printed across the foot of your ‘Intent Take Home Sheets’ for Phases I-IV. They encapsulate the EMF Balancing approach to what is traditionally referred to as goal setting.

As many of us do at this time of the year, I was reflecting this morning on what I might choose as a focus for myself in the coming year. While I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions, I do believe that it is valuable every so often to take time out to review what has worked and what hasn’t in one’s life. Then, based on these reflections, pick a couple of things that one would like to do more of. As we all have the same allocation of 24 hours 7 days 52 weeks, doing more of one thing usually means doing less of something else (unless, of course, we do more multi-tasking). So we give ourselves the opportunity do more of what works for us and to let go of what has become stale, out-of-date or irrelevant, no longer of most use in our lives. (Maybe you can relate to this?)

My thoughts were drawn to the principle of BE-DO-HAVE (in that order) :

First BE (as in Gandhi’s often quoted precept, Be the change you want in your life); then DO (take action is in, Trust in God and keep your powder dry, or alternatively, Trust in Allah and keep your camel tethered); and finally HAVE {as in the Buddhist teaching, With our thoughts we make the world).

I tried to remember who had first articulated Be, Do, Have, as a formula. I think it may have been Erich Fromm. Click here for more information about this influential German psychologist and philosopher from the 20th century.

And here's a link to an excellent post written by Mike Robbins in 2009:

The three comments on the post are worth a look. One reader
wrote that the 'article immediately made me think of a memory of my children. ... when they were babies and I was nursing them, all I could focus on was all the work I needed to do after they were fed. The laundry piling up, or the dishes needing to be washed, or bills paid…instead of just enjoying watching their little faces and getting wrapped up in connnecting with them. Now, my “babies” are 10 and 7 and I feel so regretful for rushing those priceless moments by so quickly and not just enjoying BEING a mom. It’s taught me a great lesson in life on slowing down and living in the moment. Now, when I watch their football or baseball games…regardless how much “work” is piling up at home or in the office–I’m 100% focused on them and the moment. It does take self discipline to remind myself the huge importance of it all … ‘.

I thought this comment was a great reminder that however busy we are, we can always choose to BE in the moment. It's a habit worth cultivating. And, as the writer of the comment says, it does take self discipline.