The Energy of Wholeness

Cape Shank lighthouse, Mornington Peninsula, Vic.

As Peggy has continued to experience and work with the new energy through the EMF Balancing Technique®, she has deepened and refined her understanding of it.

We see this in the change of focus between the first cycle of phases, I-IV, and the final cycle, IX-XII. In the first cycle, as the name, Foundations of Evolution suggests, we start with honoring the individual in the energy of love expressed as a nurturing and supporting energy of wholeness: in the final cycle, Freedom in the Energy of Love, we are looking at the archetypes that inform our understanding of who we are in the energy of love – the universal human, the universal parent, the universal beloved, and the emerging evolutionary – and of the mystical relationship and union of the individual I and the infinite I.

In this newsletter I want to explore the idea of the energy of wholeness.

In phases I-IV we activate and experience the energy of wholeness first through the heart and the heart/mind integration; then by ‘sorting out’ the energy of our past, transforming past into ‘a golden column of wisdom and self support’; then by mindfully centering in the present, from which position we can radiate our core energy; and finally by connecting and empowering our future with the energy of love. Head and heart, past, present and future are all part of the human experience. If we are to experience wholeness as human beings, we must have a strategy that enables us to integrate all these aspects of our life into a meaningful whole. The practice of giving and receiving EMF Balancing is such a strategy.

You might think that wholeness is rather a vague thing: how do you know it or experience wholeness?

I think it has to be vague because each of us experiences our own wholeness in a unique way, ‘according to our own inner wisdom’, as Peggy expresses it.

We each have a heart and a head; we each have a past, present and future. What we make of our lives involves a lived integration of these elements.

Peggy likes to point out that the word ‘wholeness’ sounds a lot like ‘holiness’ in the English language. This juxtaposition brings a resonance of the sacred to the conversation and affects the decisions we make in life. When we see and resonate with the sacred in ourselves and others, we make different choices on a day to day basis.

Another word that sounds to me a lot like wholeness is ‘wellness’. Wellness, too, may be vague but it’s a state that we can all relate to and aspire to experience. Like wholeness, wellness may play out in very different ways for each of us depending on our own individual circumstances and choices.


Submitted by HeatherAnn on Tue, 01/14/2014 - 10:13

Wholeness and Love are qualities that relate to the Divine in us, the Sacred.
Wellness, WellBeing and Health are qualities that relate to the Human in us.
The Energy of Wholeness and Energy of Love are reminders for the Human part of us to integrate more of our Divine so that we stay in Balance with the Evolution of the Universe, or indeed, so we can lead the Evolution of the Universe.
Most of Humanity are struggling with keeping in Balance with the raising vibrations of Earth in response to Cosmic Evolutionary forces. The concept of 'wholeness' is difficult to comprehend when one is in this Survival Mode state of Consciousness. The concept of 'wellness' seems more attainable and relevant to the majority of Humanity at this point. However, it is the Sacred state of consciousness that is True Secret to living a life of richness and joy as we ride the Waves of Universal Change.
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Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/14/2014 - 22:56

thanks for your insightful comment, HeatherAnn. That's a very helpful distinction. And of course EMF Balancing is about integrating the Divine and Sacred in us with the Human. So wholeness and wellness could be seen as complementary sides of the same coin, the one side facing to the Divine, the other to the Human.